The Playboy

Hot tropical nights. One hot girl next door. What could go wrong?

Blowing in like an ocean breeze, she takes my breath away with just a look. Something inside me stirs, not just my legendary member.

Thing is… she appears to be immune to my charms. Sloane Anderson is mysterious. Different. And she’s hiding something. I’m not sure what, but I sure as hell intend to find out.

The more I discover about her, the more intrigued I become. In only a few days, we are inseparable.

Then our perfect world is shattered when I discover her lies. How deep are they? And is she even who she says she is? Before I can find out, she leaves without even saying goodbye.

But I love her and vow to find her.

The problem is… how can you find someone you don’t even know?


Alice Ward writes dual points-of-view with masterful ease. The reader always knows what each character is thinking and feeling. This keeps things interesting. And sometimes, frustrating… sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, and sometimes heart wrenching. So, every time I have a chance to take this ride I jump on. Because I know every one of those moments will be there.

R. J. Sorretto

Alice Ward has the gift as a writer to be able to engage her readers by the words that she puts to paper and that is exactly what this author has done with me!

Pat W


Her chest was heaving, her breasts pressed to my chest. I let go of her wrists and took her face in my hands, our breath heating the air between us.

I kissed her. At first, she tried to twist her head away, then she was kissing me back, nearly attacking me with her mouth. I squeezed her breast, one hand running down to cup her ass, pulling her against my rock-hard cock.

She moaned. Or maybe I did. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t care.

She fumbled with the buttons of my shirt, gave up, and ripped it apart. Buttons flew as she shoved it from my shoulders then her hands were on me, her nails raking down my chest.

Her skin was smooth, hot and damp from exertion, and she was kissing me so hard, I thought our lips might split. When she reached for my pants, I spun her around until she faced the wall.

She started to struggle again, but I captured her wrist and held it behind her back.

“Tell me you want me,” I growled as I pushed the robe off her shoulders, letting her go just long enough for it to hit the floor. Her panties were wet, and I wrapped the fabric around my hand and tore them away. She snapped her head back, catching me on the jaw. I saw stars, but it didn’t stop me. I pushed my entire body against hers, pressing her to the wall, my lips on the side of her face. “Tell me that you need me.”

She was panting. “Need. Want. You.”

It was enough.

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