The Race

I like it fast. She likes it faster. Who will win this race?

As founder and CEO of UnCaged Fitness, I sponsor some of the hottest fitness properties around. Top female athletes and models beg for my attention. I’m rich. I’m ruthless. And when it comes to my business, I don’t play around.

Until Emma James and her beautiful curves comes to Daytona.

With dreams of winning the NASCAR Cup, Emma has one speed — fast. She’s hot, deadly behind the wheel, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Especially me.

Which only makes me more determined to have her. If she doesn’t take me down first.


The writing is stellar. It flows beautifully from one scene into the next and from one POV into the other. It’s emotional and honest in parts, especially during those times with Brody, post-accident. The story also features extensive racing scenes and information, as well as showcasing the disparity between genders in a male-dominated sport. And sometimes, it’s not pretty. The character development here is excellent.

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Wow! Does Alice Ward ever disappoint? The answer is a resounding NO! Each of her books leaves your heart pounding and sighing for different reasons

Maria L


I could’ve pulled away, told him to stop, but I didn’t want to. I felt heavy, like gravity was pressing me down harder than before. Pressing me toward him. “Yes,” I managed to breathe out, wiggling into his touch.

His fingers skirted my waist, and he gave it a little tweak. I burst out laughing, grabbed for his hand, but he was too quick. He took that wrist first, then the other, rendering me immobile. He dragged me up to standing, and as I stood there, with barely an inch between us, I felt the heat rushing off his body.

He stared down at me, his eyes dark with desire, hands holding me firm.

Then he lowered his mouth onto mine. There was no tentativeness. I got the feeling he never hesitated when he claimed what was his. No, he kissed me savagely from the first. I gasped against his mouth in surprise, but that didn’t stop him.

“You drive me crazy,” he said against my mouth as he walked me backward until a bench hit the back of my legs. “Crazy. Hard as I try, I can’t think of anything but you.”

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